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Jashine Dheda

Honours Roll

Take a copy of the AFS of a real life company similar to the one in your case study. You never know when the accounting polices or notes may come in handy.

Show all your workings for calculations and note your assumptions especially if you’re preparing a report.

Immerse yourself in the research of the industry and document your findings. It’s important to familiarise yourself with the risks of the business by reading up on current issues going on in the industry.

Prepare for all the anticipated tasks yourself even if you’re participating in group work.

Sort your file into topic sections using file dividers/flags. As simple as that sounds, it really helps to save time and prevents you from getting frazzled when you’re trying to find something.

Justin Shein

Honours Roll

Know your pre-release well - You don’t want to be rereading it on the day of the exam.

Work in groups, but go through all the research thoroughly yourself - Do not blindly rely on other people’s summaries.

Understand each task and be sure to address every aspect - Formatting your response to clearly show you have addressed all the required issues is the biggest tip I can give. Break your answer down paragraph by paragraph and deal with each issue clearly and comprehensively.

Think of the bigger picture and add in a few “insight” points to help achieve your HC.