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After my April ITC Results?


Candidates already Registered for APT

These candidates continue with APT and are now liable for the full Programme Fee.

Candidates not yet Registered for APT
  • We are prepared to accept these Registrations.
  • Candidates should register on
  • Candidates should do so by by Friday 9 July.
  • Guidance on how to Catch Up with the programme will be available on aptassist
  • Access to aptassist will be given within two working days of Registration.
  • For candidates pending Registration, the Initial Material referred in the above Guidance is also available here

Access to aptassist will be given within two working days of Registration.

VISIT aptassist Initial Material


Candidates in this position are not automatically withdrawn.

You have a choice, which you need to discuss with your firm. Please eMail your choice to [email protected] by Wednesday 7 July.

Choice 1:

You may withdraw from APT and focus only on the September ITC. In this case, you would forfeit the R500 non-refundable deposit.

Choice 2:

You may continue with APT and work concurrently on APT and your preparation for the September ITC. In this case, you:

  1. Would become liable for the full Programme Fee.
  2. The R500 non-refundable deposit will be deducted from the fee.
  3. Would be required to write the final APT Assessment on 8 September.

We appreciate that you:

  1. Would be under pressure working concurrently on APT and the September ITC.
  2. Would be under pressure for this Assessment and might underperform.

With this in mind, we would:

  1. Grant you a Supplementary Assessment on 23 October provided that you do write the Assessment on 8 September.
  2. Offer Interventions during the period from 8 September to 15 October to assist them in Catching Up.


Our plans to offer a Physical Contact Session based Programme have been undermined by the implementation of various Lockdowns. We are fully committed to our candidates and have responded swiftly and effectively as follows:

  • We have implemented the technology necessary to enable us to run a fully online Programme with additional value-added support.
  • We hold online Information and Question and Answer Sessions designed to reassure candidates that we are still able to run the Programme and to explain to them how they can benefit from learning in an On Line Environment.
  • We have supplemented our Programme offerings with innovations, including Question and Answer Sessions, interactive Zoom sessions and Small Group Consultations.
  • We have developed the necessary applications to enable us to run Non-Venue-Based Assessments, increased the level of eWriting support that we offer to our candidates and implemented the eWriting Helpdesk for our assessments.