For Candidates writing the ITC in 2021

First Time Candidates who will be writing the ITC in 2021

Candidates who will have written the ITC and will have completed 20 month’s traineeship by 30 November 2021 should register for the 2021 Programme.
  • Candidates writing the ITC on 14-15 April will receive their results on 18 June and may still rewrite on 1-2 September if they fail April.
    • These candidates need to register as soon as possible and pay a non-refundable deposit of R500.
    • If they pass April, they would continue with the programme.
    • If they fail April, they will have the option of continuing with the programme.
    • Candidate who continue would then become liable for the balance of their fees.
    • Candidates who withdraw would simply forfeit the deposit of R500
  • The September ITC results will be released on 6 November before the APC is written on 1 December.
  • Candidates who will not be writing the ITC on 14-15 April but who will be writing on 1-2 September may elect to do the Programme in 2021. In this case, they should register as soon as possible, after which they may not withdraw from the APT 2021 Programme and would become liable for the full Programme Fee.
  • Candidates who complete the APT Programme in 2021 but fail the September ITC would only receive their Programme Completion Certificate once they have passed the ITC and completed the APT Refresher Programme in 2022. This Refresher programme would be offered to these candidates in 2022 at a discounted price (80% discount – 20% of the listed 2022 Fee).

Have Valid Certificate but did not write APC?

Candidates who have a Valid Certificate and did not Write the December 2020 APC can contact us about our Refresher Programme.

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Programme Requirements

If you will have completed 20 months' Traineeship by 30 November 2021.



Cost (ex VAT)

Individual: R13 650
Instalment Price: R15 000*
Block bookings: R10 920*
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