Continuing Professional Development

The APT CPD or Continuing Professional Development Programme

The APT CPD or Continuing Professional Development Programme is very similar to the SAICA CPD Programme. All technical developments such as new standards and tax updates that were introduced after you wrote the ITC are covered in this online Programme. These developments are usually incorporated into our case studies and are also discussed in class.

Who can do our CPD Programme?

Our CPD Modules are open to any Accounting Professional.


  • Each Module includes a quiz which enables participants to verify completion of the Module.
  • As our Quizzes will remain open, a quiz may be reattempted if you do not achieve a Pass mark.
  • Hours are verified in a CPD Certificate of Completion.
  • Verifiable Hours = 5 Hours per Module.



2023 CPD Modules: Learning Objective:
1. Accounting Developing an understating of accounting concepts post COVID.
2. Audit Principles Developing an understanding of various key audit principles.
3. Auditing Update Develop an understanding of the latest audit principles.
4. Environmental Social and Governance Develop one’s understanding of Reporting on Environmental, Social and Governance issues.
5. Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Develop one’s understanding of the impact of technology on the Accountancy profession.
6. IT Ethics Develop one’s understanding of the principles of IT Ethics.
7. Tax South Africa 2023 Develop one’s understanding of recent developments in South African Taxation.
8. Tax Zimbabwe 2023 Develop one’s understanding of recent developments in Zimbabwean Taxation.

Fees excluding VAT per module

CPD Modules

R 121.74

Access to our Course Materials is FREE of charge. However, should you require a Certificate of Completion, the fee is R121.74 (ex VAT) per Module.


The Course will run from September 2023 until 30 June 2024.


Participants may elect to complete any or all of the Modules.

APT’s Banking Details:

Account Name: Accounting Professional Training
Bank: Standard Bank Rondebosch
Inter Bank Transfer Number: 025 009
Current Account Number: 071 464 824
SWIFT Code: SBZAZAJJ (Standard Bank does not use an IBAN Code.)

Please Reference your Payment as:
Name/Invoice Number e.g. S.Sample/APT00028

If you have not received your invoice, but want to make your payment please reference your payment as follows:
Name Surname/Programme Area e.g. Sandra Sample/CT

How do I get an invoice?

Once you have completed your selected modules, please email [email protected] so we can generate your invoice.