Accounting Professional Training

Who is APT

APT is a Professional Organisation and our balanced team consists of academics and practitioners from the profession, commerce and industry.

APT has run SAICA, ICAN and ICAZ Accredited (Accredited at Level 1) APC Professional Programmes since the inception of the APC in 2014. We are Southern Africa’s leading presenter of Part II Programmes and have operated successfully as the “Part II Board Course” market leader for 22 years in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Our Programmes have always been well received and supported by the market, candidates, and employer firms.

APT has consistently met its goals in preparing candidates for entry into the accountancy profession. Our mission is to strive for excellence in the accountancy profession through providing professional programmes leading our candidates to qualify as Chartered Accountants.

The APT APC Programme meets SAICA’s, ICAN’s and ICAZ’s Requirements at Level 1 (“Accredited without conditions”). APT has a full commitment to transformation in the accounting profession, business and the academic environment.

We work closely with CAA Zim and ICAZ in Harare and Bulawayo and ICAN in Windhoek.

Why Choose the APT Programme?

One of our great strengths is our flexibility and adaptability to meet the candidates’ needs. A recent example is our response to the COVID pandemic and resulting lockdown. Our team were able to quickly and seamlessly modify the delivery of the Programme, which was very highly rated by the 2020 Candidates in a formal Programme evaluation.

Our Candidates are core to the APT Family, and we will do whatever is necessary to provide the service they need. We leverage Information Technology to the maximum to optimise our candidate experience.

We look forward to positive results for 2020 once these are published in April 2021.

In the 2019 APC:
  • Eight out of twelve Honours Candidates did the APT Programme.
  • Although we have a very diverse Candidate population, our Results matched those of our competitors.
  • 822 of the new 2019 transformation CA’s were prepared by APT. This includes 522 African Black APT Candidates who passed the 2019 APC.

Our regular Programme evaluations reflected Median Scores above 5 on a 6 point Likert Scale where “6” is excellent and “5” is “Very Good”. Our APT Family includes over 20 qualified and experienced presenters. These professionals are available to our candidates for consultation.

We are deeply committed to transformation and support the Thuthuka initiative. We cater for Candidates writing the ITC in April 2021.