APT APC Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Receipt of Programme material is contingent upon full payment of Programme fees by due date;
  2. Once I have registered for the Programme, I may not withdraw from the Programme and, should I fail to complete the Programme in 2021, I will be regarded as having failed the Programme and will not be permitted to re-register for the Programme in future until all outstanding fees have been settled. No refunds will be paid; I remain liable for the Programme fees in my personal capacity irrespective of any employer/organisation agreement to pay such fees.
  3. Should I not attend the Programme, I remain responsible for all fees relating to the Programme;
  4. Should I need to withdraw at the start or during the Programme due to unforeseen circumstances, there is a R 3 000.00 cancellation fee for which I will be held personally liable.
  5. The onus is on me to notify Accounting Professional Training immediately of any change to work or personal contact information (i.e. email address, cell phone number or telephone numbers, etc.)
  6. Any cost related to any errors in capturing the delivery address as a result of unclear typing or the supply of incorrect information will be for my account;
  7. I consider myself bound by the conditions above.
  8. The information provided above is provided in accordance with and subject to the APT POPI Policy apcprogramme.co.za