For First Timers

First Time Candidates who have already passed the ITC

The majority of Candidates eligible to write the 2022 APC are those who; (a) have passed the ITC before our Programme commences; (b) will have completed 20 months of traineeship by 18 December; and (c) have not previously completed an APC Programme. These Candidates simply must complete an APC Programme in 2022 and will expect to pass the Programme and write the APC in December.

Programme Structure

Throughout the Programme, Candidates:

  • Receive Online input.
  • Can download video recordings of all classes.
  • Are required to complete various Online assignments.
  • Perform Self Assessments on their work. This component of our Programme is of critical importance because Self Assessment enables Candidates to develop a deep understanding of the Assessment Process.

Candidates’ progress on the Programme is carefully graduated.
The Programme is divided into seven modules plus CPD Modules. Module 1 is essentially developmental (formative), Modules 2 and 3 continue development but add formal assessment (introducing summative assessment but still principally formative), Module 4 enables further development at a higher level, Modules 5 and 6 focus on formal assessment (summative) and Module 7 is revision.


Classes are Online except where otherwise indicated. Various interventions are offered throughout the Programme. These include Motivation and Coaching Sessions, Guided Grading Sessions, Focus Group Consultations, CPD and Workshops on Technical Issues, Critical Thinking, Auditing and eWriting.

All of our 11 Classes are followed by Online Question and Answer Sessions.

Modules 1 to 7

Module 1:
All Candidates:
  • Work through Case Study 1.
  • Receive significant guidance from the APT presenters.
  • Receive four Classes (Classes 1 to 4), one of which (Class 4) is planned as a physical session.
  • Complete specific Online Self Study Assessments which do not count for formal assessment.
  • Must complete these Assessments and submit evidence of completion before progressing.
Module 2:
Including formal Assessment 1
All Candidates:
  • Work through Case Study 2.
  • Receive limited guidance from the APT presenters.
  • Receive Class 5 - Preparation for Assessment 1.
  • Complete the module by writing Self Study Assessment 1 (Case Study 2).
Module 3:
Including formal Assessment 2
All Candidates:
  • Receive Class 6.
  • Write formal Assessment 2 (Case Study 3).
  • Must achieve “Borderline Competence” over the two Assessments before progressing to Module 4.
Module 4:
Deeper Understanding
All candidates:
  • Work through Case Study 4.
  • Complete Self Study work designed
    to hone their skills.
  • Receive further guidance
    from the APT presenters.
  • Receive two classes (Classes 7 and 8), one of which (Class 7) is planned as a physical session.
Module 5:
Including formal Assessment 3 (Our Final Assessment)
All Candidates:
  • Complete the module with
    Assessment 3 (Case Study 5).
  • Must achieve “Competence” in this Assessment (Or the Supp) in order to qualify to write the APC.
Module 6:
Supplementary Assessment
Candidates who fail Assessment 3, but achieve at least BC, qualify for a Supp and:
  • Are required to write
    Assessment 3 (Case Study 6).
  • Receive Class 9 - Supp Intervention.
  • Must achieve “Competence” in the Supplementary Assessment in order to qualify to write the APC
    (Candidates who achieve lower than BC, fail the Programme.)
Module 6:
All Candidates
  • Are expected to fully complete Case Study 6, although those who passed Assessment 3 are not required to write the Supplementary Assessment under exam conditions.
Module 7:
Board Course - Revision
All candidates:
  • Work through Case Study 7.
  • Receive two Classes - 10 and 11.
  • Complete the module with a Self-Study Simulated Exam.
What are the APC Exam Requirements?

  • Completed 20 month’s traineeship by 18 December 2022 (i.e. second year traineeship).
  • Must have passed the ITC


Cost (ex VAT)

Individual: R14 400
Instalment Price: R15 000*
Block bookings: R11 520*
Payment Details

  • ICAN and ICAZ fees are negotiated with these Institutions and APT.
  • Candidates outside South Africa fees are higher due to extra costs incurred by APT.