For Candidates who failed the 2021 SAICA APC


Technically, Candidates who completed and passed an APC Programme in 2020 or 2021 may still write the APC in 2022 because their 2020/21 certification is still valid.

Please note that Candidates who last completed and passed an APC Programme prior to 2020 are required to repeat the Programme in full as the three year validity of their certification expired in 2021.

As these Candidates are required to repeat the Programme, they would be charged the full fee.

However, because of the nature of the APC and the very specific skills required, we believe that all Candidates who failed the 2021 APC should participate in a full Repeat Programme. We will offer Candidates who have a valid Certification, but failed the APC, a full Repeat Programme, at a reduced price, which will apply to all Candidates regardless of whether they did APT or a competitor’s programme previously.

As far as cost is concerned, our intention is to keep the cost as low as possible. We can assure you that the cost will be significantly lower than the fee for First Timers (We offered Repeat Candidates substantial discounts in 2021).

Because of uncertainty surrounding the date of the APC rewrite, the date on which the results will be published and the number of Candidates, we are yet not in a position to provide a time frame or a cost for the 2022 Repeat Programme. We will keep you informed as the process develops.

This programme will require Candidates to Self Assess their APC script and provide Candidates with feedback on their 2021 APC attempts, after which individual Candidates will be allocated to a mentor, who will review the Self Assessment and guide the Candidates on the way forward.

We believe that programme participation and the Self Assessment / review / mentor consultation process are integrated and inseparable components of the holistic programme.

The Repeat Programme will include Technical Webinars with a focus on weaknesses encountered in the script reviews.

Repeat Candidates will also be provided with full access to appropriate components of the full 2022 APC Programme

This programme was supported by Thuthuka and FASSET in 2021 and their support included subsidisation of the fees for transformation Candidates. Although not yet confirmed, we hope that funds will be made available again in 2022.

As we still have to consult with Thuthuka and FASSET concerning support for 2022, information concerning whether or not this financial support will continue and on what basis will only be available later in the year once the final (post Rewrite) APC results have been published.