For repeating candidates


APT is pleased to offer a specialised Board Course tailored for candidates who encountered setbacks during the APC 2023. If you hold a valid certificate obtained from 2022 onwards, you are eligible to enrol in this course. Notably, the Board Course extends its invitation to candidates regardless of whether they obtained their certification from APT or a competitor's programme. Once registered for the Repeat Board Course please send your latest valid Programme Certificate to [email protected]

It's important to acknowledge that candidates who last completed and passed an APC Programme before 2022 must register and complete the main APT Programme in 2024, given that the three-year validity of their certification expired in 2023. However, recognizing the intricacies of the APC and the specific skill set it requires, we advocate for all 2023 APC candidates who faced challenges to participate in the feedback sessions of the 2024 APT Repeat Board Course.

We are an Online Programme supplemented by Blended Learning designed to suit your learning style and work circumstances.

We understand that individuals learn differently and have developed different learning styles, thus we are a fully online programme with optional physical, face-to-face contact sessions related to critical classes. These are held in all major centres. As the acquisition of professional competence is so fundamentally different from the skills most candidates have already developed in their academic programmes, we believe that candidates benefit significantly from the Blended Learning Programme’s direct interaction with presenters.

Our online classes are also supported by interactive live Zoom Question and Answer Sessions after each class and further support is provided by additional interactive Zoom sessions, including Candidate Information Sessions, Guided Self-Assessment Sessions, and Small Group Consultations. Recordings are made available for candidates who are unable to attend these live sessions.

Focus Points

We firmly believe that engagement in our Board Course, coupled with the support of our unique mentorship program, fosters an integrated and holistic candidate experience.

Our Me-Reinvented program is specifically designed to bolster mental preparedness, self-confidence, and resilience, attributes proven crucial by feedback from APT Alumni who found it instrumental in their APC success.

The Board Course encompasses Technical Preparation Webinars, which delve into candidates' development areas gleaned from past experiences, with a special emphasis on pre-release period preparation for APC assessments.

Additionally, candidates will benefit from various workshops aimed at refining their approach to APC assessments.

Those enrolled in this course will also enjoy full access to relevant components of the comprehensive 2024 APC Programme.

Key Points

  • Separate Programme with an innovative focus mainly on repeating candidates
  • Practical feedback webinars (APC)
  • Me-Reinvented
  • Individual support with help of APT Mentors through APT Mentorship Programme
  • Technical preparation in pre-release period
  • Critical thinking
  • Time management

Programme Structure

The APT Repeat Board Course is meticulously designed to facilitate candidates' self-reflection on their APC performance and to craft Personal Development Plans, empowering them to take charge of their own growth. Central to this course are the APC feedback sessions, where candidates receive guidance on tasks spanning preparation, planning, and execution. These sessions encourage deep self-reflection while aiding candidates in addressing areas of improvement identified from their previous APC attempt. A cornerstone of this journey is access to our dedicated mentors and the subsequent APT Mentorship Programme.

1. March-April
Initial Phase
  • Obtain your 2023 APC Script from SAICA as soon as possible.
  • Reflect on the 2023 APC from an overall perspective.
  • Begin Self-Assessment of your 2023 APC Script using APT Guidance.
2. April-May
  • Self-reflection on APC 2023.
  • Identify development areas.
  • Plan improvement strategies to implement.
  • Work on Personal Development Plan (PDP).
  • Self-management session.
  • Webinar Classes on each task in APC 2023.
  • Focused Feedback Sessions
3. June
  • Finalise your PDP.
  • Submission of self-reflection & PDP to APT for mentorship (28 June 2024).
  • Technical preparation workshop.
  • Join the main programme
  • Mentorship.
  • Assessment 2: 22 June
4. July– August
  • Perform self-assessment on June assessment script. Strategise on your plan for the next assessment.
  • Mentorship kick-off.
  • Guided marking sessions on assessment.
  • Workshops (e-writing, Audit and Critical thinking).
  • Assessment 3: 28 August
5. September – November
  • Perform self-assessment on June assessment script. Strategise on your plan for the next assessment.
  • Feedback and guided marking sessions on assessment. Supplementary intervention class.
  • Assessment 3 Supplementary – 12 October
  • Perform self-assessment on your script.
  • Guided marking sessions on assessment
  • Self-reflection in preparation of APC 2024
  • SAICA APC Assessment Readiness Classes


Repeat Board Course

R 7 500


Thuthuka financial support has not yet confirmed support for 2024. This is administered by parties outside of APT.

ICAN and ICAZ fees are negotiated with these Institutions and APT.